This ministry helps with meals - discounted packages of food - particularly great for our senior citizens and children for balanced snacks. 

WOW - one of the best missions ministries that exist - what don't they do?  If you are trying to give to a specific cause - they have it!   Oh and did we mention that they have gospel mailbox signs - what a way to evangelize at the end of your own driveway.   Well worth the investment . . . to spread the gospel.

Good wholesome family publications (books for all ages with family themes and godly values) and a wonderful source for homeschool material.

Youth and Christian Sports.  A true alternative to unfocused youth.  This program gives them purpose, teaches teamwork, and allows them to see themselves as Christ sees them - a generation for tomorrow - not a lost generation.  Support our future!

Daniel Couch is a hard-core evangelist.  Old fashioned revivals are hard to find.  Daniel and his lovely family dedicate their time to travel the US where churches open their doors to revival. 

Ever wonder what happens when foster care children max out the system?  Well, most of the time they are just cut loose with no support.  Grace Landing is an incredible ministry that is helping continue support for those children who are above foster care age, but still in need of education and assistance to be able to stand on their own. 


Not just a typical orphanage.  This Honduras Ministry is a safe birthing home and orphanage, which educates and provides a safe haven for young girls and the children they give birth to.   The ministry reaches out in the community and feeds many locals.  If you have ever considered an overseas mission trip, consider volunteering for a season.

UGH you mean 5'O Clock in the morning.  Yes I do, this ministry challenges you to start your day early, and in the Word of God.   Can we as Women (wives, mothers, daughters) start our day any better than that?

Encouragement for the Homeschool Family.  One of the most recommended homeschool websites and conferences to minister to the homeschool family.  The Maxwells are truly an experienced homeschool family who demonstrates the love of Christ in all they do.  Read their blog - whew is it ever uplifting - they also provide wholesome books (The Moody Series), and books that help families with organization and time management.

Ever been overwhelmed by trying to coupon? makes it EASY to coupon.  They do all the work for you - well except your shopping itself.  Not only do they teach you to save up to 70% on your grocery budget, they teach to how to bless others with freebies you obtain.  

A great ministry that teaches young children a sport is something they can do and have a Christ-like attitude while competing.  Flag Football, Cheerleading, Soccer and Basketball can be available to children of your community.