Kevin Kenna

Kevin Kenna has served as the Principal of Faith Harvest Christian Academy since 2002.  He is also an Associate Pastor at Faith Harvest Worship Center (having been ordained in 1995).  Mr. Kenna has worked with youth for years, he and his wife having been the Youth Group Directors for three years.  In addition to working with youth, Mr. Kenna has owned his own business in the past.  In addition to administrative duties, Mr. Kenna has a passion for tutoring the students in small group or one-on-one.  This allows students who have come to us from other learning environments to catch up to their levels quicker and to address learning gaps they have developed during their education.  


Currently enrolled in a Bachelor's of Arts in Christian Education Degree program, Patriot University 
Classes toward Bachelor of Arts, through FL Southern College & Liberty University
Teacher Convention certification(s), ACE Curriculum
Completion of Ministerial Ordination Program, 1995
Mortgage Broker License (no longer active)
Life Insurance License w/ financial planning endorsement (no longer active)

    Mary R. Trotter

Mrs. Trotter services as Asst. Principal/Academic Guidance at Faith Harvest Christian Academy.  Mrs. Trotter has been with FHCA since 2002.  She has extensive experience in working with youth, having worked at a teen residential program as Executive Director.  Mrs. Trotter attends workshops twice annually that train in curriculum choices, student evaluations, student guidance, student evaluations and planning, as well as helping students with special needs.  In addition to Academic Guidance, Mrs. Trotter teaches the Middle School, along with High School classes, as needed.  This upcoming year she will teach Elementary US History.  Upon this year's completion of her Master's in Education, Mrs. Trotter plans to enroll to obtain her Doctorate of Education in 2019.

Currently enrolled and active in Master's In Education Program, (set completion- 2022)
Bachelor's of Science, Florida Christian College, 2004
Associates in Accounting, Southern College, 1994
Certification in School Administration, Christian Light Education, 2008
Certification as Teacher for use in Christian Light Curriculum, 2008
Teacher's Convention certificate, ACE Curriculum, 2011
Certification as Supervisor (teacher), ACE Curriculum, 1997
Classes toward Master's, Liberty University, 2005

Janelle Kenna

Janelle Kenna has been a Co-Pastor with Dr. Kenna for 33 years.  Prior to joining the ministry she worked as a Legal Secretary, as a Dental Asst, a Pulmonary Technician (Glen Brunswick Hospital) and at Sears.  Along with Co-Pastoring, she has been a part of Faith Harvest Christian Academy since 2003, she has obtained her certifications for teaching in three curriculums, ACE, CLE, and Abeka.  Mrs. Kenna serves as the High School Teacher and continues her education especially in the area of special needs.  Mrs. Kenna has a passion for tutoring and assisting those that other systems have deemed unreachable, to see them redefined and academically successful.

Certification as Teacher - Christian Light Curriculum, 2008
Teacher's Convention certificate, ACE curriculum, 2011
Teacher's Training Program Certificate, Abeka Curriculum, Pensacola Christian College, 2004
Certificate:  Teaching Techniques For Autistic Students
Graduate, Church of God Ministerial Seminary Program
Completion Church of God Resident Apprenticeship Program, Walker Church of God, Lake Wales, FL

Nicole Kenna

Nikki Kenna has been with Faith Harvest Christian Academy for 14 years.  As of the 2018-19 school year Mrs. Kenna has been teaching for 20 years, having taught at two other private schools.  She serves in the elementary department, and has a gift for teaching phonics, and assisting those struggling in reading to understand the rules of phonics. It gives her pleasure to see the light bulb come on when students who have struggled overcome previous educational hardships.  

Currently Enrolled in Bachelor's of Arts - Elementary Education Program, Patriot University
Certification as Teacher - Christian Light Curriculum, 2009

Teacher's Training Program Certificate, Abeka Curriculum, Pensacola Christian College, 2004 

Joshua Sereno

Joshua has been a math tutor at Faith Harvest for 7 years.  He has been an asset working with students that have learning gaps, and difficulty in Math.  Josh works with one to two students at a time.  In his spare time he loves to study the Bible and ancient Hebrew culture.  He also has a passion for playing piano and worshiping the Lord. During the school day he primary works with High School students watching them grow from remedial Math into mastering Algebra.  He considers it an honor to be a part of the journey from students struggling, to their success.

Enrolled in Assoc in Christian Education, Patriot University
Certificate, Teacher's Training, ACE Curriculum,  2018
High School Graduate, Gateway HS, 2010

Haley Trotter

Haley Trotter a 2018 graduate of FHCA has joined our staff as a class assistant.  Haley was extremely successful as a student at FHCA.  She graduated with Honors and a 4.0 GPA.  She has much to lend to current students.  Upon enrollment in college, Haley tested extremely high (in fact testing completely out of required Math for her degree). She was told that most taking the entrance test will end up in remedial classes, she proved that statistic wrong in English as well, testing at college level.   She begins college in her Bachelor's of Science Program on Aug 20th, and has worked a schedule around being able to assist in the classroom and help guide students to their fullest potential.  She will serve as the class assistant in Middle School.

Enrolled and Active, Bachelor's of Science, Lindsay Wilson College (set graduation-May 2022)
Teacher's Certificate, CLE Curriculum, 2018
Certificate, Teacher's Training, ACE Curriculum,  2018
High School Graduate w/ Honors, Faith Harvest Christian Academy, 2018

Scottie Kenna (Front Office)

Scottie Kenna is a Faith Harvest Christian Academy alumni.  He has first hand experience in both the ACE and CLE curriculum.  Prior to moving back to Florida, Scottie was a manager for a year.  As organization is key factor in classroom success, this experience will be an asset to the classroom as he handles office duties which help the educational staff.

Classes, Valencia Community College, Kissimmee FL
High School Diploma, Faith Harvest Christian Academy, 2010
Teacher's Training Certificate, ACE Curriculum, 2018