My name is Kevin Kenna and I am the Worship leader at Faith Harvest Worship Center.  I am married with 3 children.  I have been a Christian since 1990.  My wife and I made a decision to follow Christ within a month of each other.  We have been blessed to have started our family out as Christians.  Praise God!
     For starters, I would like to share my foundational beginning in the music program.  As a new Christian in 1990, I had no prior experience in singing or worship.  I didn’t even realize that I could sing in tune until this time.  God was using people in my life to push and prod me to become more than I ever dreamed I could in ministry.  Although I was uncomfortable up in front of people, that’s exactly where I ended up.  I slowly got involved with the worship team.  Progressively, I found myself leading worship and leaving the fears and doubts behind.  This was just the beginning of where God would use and grow me.
     Through the years, I have come to realize that praise and worship is more than just singing some songs and passing the microphone.  For me, I have learned what true worship is like compared to "good singing.”  Though God doesn’t put a premium on ignorance, I thank Him that he was able to use someone like me to bring his people into the throne room to worship.
     My goal, as worship leader, is to humbly come before the presence of the almighty God and pour out my heart through songs of thanksgiving and adoration for who He is and for all that he has done for me.  I want to lead and bring God’s people into the sanctuary and truly worship him with everything within us.  The ultimate purpose of our being created was
originally to worship.  While in this ministry at Faith Harvest, I hope to do just that.  “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”
     In closing, I would like to emphasize our need to spend that daily time with God.  He loves us and desires to spend time with us as well.  I hope
that after reading this that it is an encouragement to you.  God can and
does use each of us to perform his will if we would just allow ourselves to
become available to Him.  God takes shepherds and makes kings. 
God bless you all.